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Golden Community

Check back on this page regularly for pictures and articles about our clients, care giving insights, recipes and local activities.

December 1, 2019

 Hearts of Gold Home Care CNA Kelly Holmes and one of our beloved clients, Jerry Misner. Kelly has been an important part of our care giving team since 2009! Call us today if you'd like to have a loyal, compassionate assistant to help you or a loved one stay safe and happy at home!

November 26, 2019



Can you find something unexpected in this picture?


Only at the Hearts of Gold office!


CNA Kelly Holmes is being followed by chickens. 


Our office is based at our family ranch in southeast Chandler. 

February 11, 2019

One of the best parts of payday is getting together with our Golden Girls! Hearts of Gold Care Givers are the finest in the industry. These women have integrity, work ethic, compassion, experience, reliability and personality to boot! Left to right: Becky Konst, care giver on board with Hearts of Gold since October 2016; Kelly Holmes, CNA with Hearts of Gold since November 2009; Lisa Martinez, hired in November 2016.

May 12, 2018

Hearts of Gold Home Care Aide Marylou Donavan and her two beatiful daughters, Adeline and Alannah. Marylou has been on board with Hearts of Gold for over five years- since April of 2013. She brings her girls with her when visiting the Hearts of Gold office. Located on the family ranch, the children get to see many horses and chickens during these visits.

Hearts of Gold Administrator and co-owner Danielle Miller takes a selfie with her two "sons", Duck and Alex. Danielle raises American Paint Horses and competes at breed assocation shows and trail competitions. Taken at a local trail event in Phoenix last weekend.

November 4, 2017

Hearts of Gold Care Giver Jayne St. Germain went to her morning shift shift as a black widow spider, then attended the Fall Festival at Celebrity Ranch. There was a costume parade at the festival. The ranch is owned by the administrator and director of Hearts of Gold Home Care and provides equine boarding services. Here's Jayne as the spider astride her Morgan mare, Diamond, the spider web.

October 31, 2017

Hearts of Gold Care Giver Kari Vanderpool really knew how to show up for her shift on Halloween! She showed up as Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady to pass out treats with Hearts of Gold client, Barbara.

May 11, 2017

Here's a recipe from our Hearts of Gold Caregiver Consultant, Sarah. With Mother's Day this upcoming weekend, treat the ladies to a mini fruit pie with the filling of their choice!


Here's what you'll need to get started...


2 packs of Graham Crakers (I used Cinnamon )
1 cup brown sugar
2 1/2 of softened butter (salted or non) works better if you melt the butter for 15-20 secs in the microwave.
In a mixing  bowl, finely crush graham Crackers 
Mix in brown sugar and melted butter until it is a doughy consistency
Put this bowl aside.


Any fruit of your choice
I used fresh a 6 Oz package of raspberries, 
16 oz  blueberries and 16 oz strawberries.
Vanilla Whipped icing (you can find this at the bakery section at Frys Grocery or in your local grocery store.)
PREPARATION (for raspberry topping)
Crush the raspberries to a preferred  consistency.
Blueberries can be used whole 
Strawberries can be sliced or crushed as well.
In  small dishes, packed the crust into the dish creating a layer ( create a desired layer) 
Spread a desired amount of the vanilla whipped icing over the crust 
Place the fruit of choice on your the whipped topping (creating a layer)
Place on more layer of the whipped topping over the fruit. 
Garnish as can even add a little mint leaf on top giving it a Fancy touch
**refrigerate for at least 20  mins allowing the crust to harden. 

March 10, 2017

Hearts of Gold Caregiver Consultant Sarah Jaquez's son, Sebastian (left), participated in the 15th Annual Mayor's 5K Fun Run. This event was held in downtown Chandler, Arizona on Saturday March 4, prior to the annual Ostrich Festival Parade. 


The children's run was one mile, which Sebastian completed in 10 minutes and 15 seconds. 


Sebastian trains regularly in running, participating in practice runs at his school. He plans to enter the Fun Run again next year to see if he can improve his time.


All participants recieved special participation medals, with awards to the top finishers.


The Chandler Ostrich Festival is in it's 29th year and is held at Chandler Tumbleweed Park and celebrates Chandler's early history in Ostrich ranching. These birds were raised to sell their feathers, which were stylish and highly sought after in ladie's fashions in the early 1900's. 






December 23, 2016

Christmas craft: Transform a Pringles can into a cookie gift container!


A very simple, inexpensive way to hand out those baked goods as holiday gifts! We'll show you step by step how to make these adorable containers. 


You will need:


Pringles cans. 

You can choose any size can, we used the medium size in this demo. The cans will be emptied out, so start saving cans for next season, or you can eat some chips while you work!

Contact paper.

We used the adhesive roll you can purchase in the kitchen section at Walmart, usually for lining cabinets.


Or any other decor you'd like to add- beads, stickers, glitter... you can be creative here.

Scissors, glue or adhesive spray, ruler or straight edge, name tags.


Now you are ready to get crafty!


1) Measure the paper by simply rolling the paper around the can. Cut the paper to the desired size, peel the backing and adhere to the can. Smooth the paper as you apply it to remove air bubbles.You also could use more than one color or cut appliques to decorate over a solid color if desired. 

2) Trim away any excess paper from the top or bottom of the can. 

3) If you are applying ribbon as we did, measure and cut the amount desired and use spray adhesive or glue to apply to the can. 

4) Add a gift tag and you are ready to fill your can with treats and give them to your friends and family!




November 23, 2016

Barbara Hudson has been using Hearts of Gold Home Care services for over five years now. Her face may be familiar if you've browsed through our pages or our brochures, as her pictures appear throughout as a model for our agency. 


Q: How satisfied are you with your Hearts of Gold Care Givers?



I love them all, they help me get to church and doctors appointments. They give me friendship and provide good company, cook and do my laundry, and they take good care of my dog, Shaggy! He loves them all too. I even have one care giver, Sarah, who has been with me from the very beginning, she has become my personal hair dresser once  a week because I like having my hair done and curled.


Q: Why do you think it's important to have a care giver?


A care giver helps to keep you from falling if you're at risk, which is why I have one to begin with. Also with my care givers I get to go outside and enjoy good company They help take good care of you when you just can't do it yourself anymore. 



Barbara Hudson and her adorable dog, Shaggy.

Hearts of Gold Home Care is thankful to have Barb as a long term client. We also appreciate her participation in this interview.

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