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Featured Care Givers

In Loving Memory...

   Patricia Axel

(January 5 1937- February 11, 2019)


Patricia Axel, our dear friend and Hearts of Gold Care Giver, passed away Monday afternoon. Pat worked for Hearts of Gold since 2013 and was battling cancer during most of her employment with us. The former flight attendant once told me it was her mission to take care of others, and working as a part time care giver helped keep her going. Pat was adored by her clients and co-workers. We'll miss her beautiful smile and will forever be inspired by her positive attitude, strong work ethic and selflessness.

May 13, 2018

Stacie Arey


Stacie is our Hearts of Gold featured Care Giver for Mother's Day 2018. She joined our team in September of 2016.


Q: How do you balance motherhood and work?


If you have children, you must keep in mind that you'll be giving a lot of yourself to your clients, and you must still have plenty left over to give to your children. It's important to balance a work schedule that allows you to spend time with your kids. I have found that I'm not 100% with a client when I haven't had time to spend with my children, perhaps out of guilt. I try to make sure I work a schedule that allows me to be at my best for ALL the people I care for.


Q: Where did you grow up?


I was born in Ojai, California. I spent the younger years of my life in beach cities such as Redondo Beach and Long Beach, and moved down the coast to San Diego as a teenager. I moved to Phoenix when I was in my twenties.


Q: Why did you choose to become a Home Care Aide, and what do you feel you bring to the table as a Care Giver?


While pursuing my nursing degree, I realized my true passion was to bring light to elderly individuals, and to soak in the knowledge and wisdom they have to offer. My best assets as a care giver are my experience and education in the health care industry combined with my sincere desire to help others. I have learned to never take forgranted my physical and mental capabilities, and I empathize with those whom have lost these golden assets over the years. I have the opportunity today to treat elderly individuals the way I hope my care providers will treat me when I'm older. This goal to sow what I want to reap, combined with my academic knowledge of health care protocol, allows me to be detailed, qualified and compassionate to my client's needs.


February 18, 2017

Elisa Martinez


Hearts of Gold care giver Elisa (she also goes by "Lisa") is a Phoenix, Arizona native. Currently residing in Tempe, she joined our team last fall.


Q: What motivates you to be a care giver?


I enjoy doing things for others and making people happy. It's very fulfilling to know I can contribute to someone's life in a positive way.


Q: How has care giving made an impression on your life?


There's a lesson in everything. Care giving has taught me that attitude and patience are very important traits. 


Q: What defines you as a person?


I have a big heart and truly care for people. I love my family and friends. I like to express love and kindness everywhere I go, even if it's as simple as a smile.


Lisa's favorite foods? She's got great taste in our opinion- chocolate, pizza and hot wings!

When not on the job with our agency, Lisa enjoys reading, listening to music, spending time with family and doing arts and crafts with her children.


January 11, 2017


Julia Goeden


Julia recently joined our team at Hearts of Gold Home Care. She's our weekend girl, and stays at home with her daughter while her husband works during the week. She has received rave reviews from all of our clients and has already proved herself a very valuable asset to our care giving team!


Q: Where were you born and raised? 

I was born in Roseville, California and grew up in Hemet. My family moved to Arizona about a year and a half ago for better job opportunities.


Q: What defines you as a person?


I always place others before myself. My elder family members have always been  big role models for me. Being a mother to a three year old girl and wife to an amazing husband definitely defines who I am.


Q: What motivates you as a care giver?


Knowing that I can assist and take care of a client's physical needs, being by their side and also being there for them emotionally is my motivation. It is the utmost fulfillment knowing I can make a difference in someone's life!


December 22, 2016

Marylou Donavan


Born and raised in San Diego, California, Marylou has been with Hearts of Gold since April of 2013. She is one of our lead care givers, providing advice and training to others. 


Q: How has care giving made an impression on your life?


Care giving has given me an opportunity to help people, which is what I've always wanted to do. It goes beyond being a nurse because you get to spend more time with them, and it's more personalized because we are in their homes, they aren't just coming for an office visit.


Q: What advice would you give to young care givers?


Care for your client as if they were your own grandparents. Treat them the way you'd want somebody to treeat your own family.


Q: What are the standards of a Hearts of Gold care giver?


We provide so much more than just physical needs. Yes, we do assist with hygiene, meal prep and clean-up, but we also provide a sympathetic ear, a breath of fresh air, someone for them to share their stories with and the lessons they have learned in their lifetime.






November 7, 2016

Mary LeBlanc


Mary has been serving Sun Lakes and the Chandler, Arizona area as part of our Hearts of Gold Home Care team since September of 2008!


Q: What inspires or motivates you to be a care giver?


My inspiration for being a care giver is assisting my clients in living as independently as they can in the season of life where they find themselves. Being a care giver makes me keenly aware of the basic needs of every single person, no matter what their age is, and how I can make a difference in someone's today and tomorrow.


Q: What advice would you offer other home care aides about the importance of caring for others?


I would advise every care giver to treat each client with repect, remembering that they were once your age and, Lord willing, you will be their age one day.  Each person has a unique history that has made them the person they are, so try to explore the wealth of their experiences and wisdom! 


There is an increasing need for care givers today as our population is enabled to live longer and with more emphasis on the post-acute care needs in the absence of a care recipient's family members who are working or aren't locally available. Resources like Hearts of Gold are able to help meet a wide variety of needs.


Q: In a nutshell, what defines you as a person?


I'm an ordinary woman with faith in an extraordinary God, and I have a desire to help people. That is really what defines me.


Hearts of Gold Home Care appreciates the dedication and longevity of Mary's services to our company. We consider her also extraordinary <3




October 23, 2016

Delfina Donavan


Southern California girl Delfina has been a Hearts of Gold care giver since July of 2013. She's fantasic with all aspects of care and is our lead care giver and a trainer for our agency.


Q: Why did you choose Care Giving?


"The elderly need love and care. Many are without family nearby. After my mother passed away, I felt in my heart even more compassion, and I wanted to give all the love and care I have in me".


Q: What advice would you offer to other care givers?


"Give lots of love to our elderly friends, because sometimes you, the care giver, are all they have. And, they deserve it!"

October 6, 2016


Velda Rose


A care giver for Hearts of Gold Home Care since 2010, Velda is moving to Mississippi this month to be closer to her son and grand children. Hearts of Gold asked Velda a few questions in her exit interview. Velda represents the standard of what we desire in our agencie's care givers and will be deeply missed. We wish her all the best of luck and happiness in her retirement and thank her for her years of service caring for our clients.


Q: How did you get into the home health care field?


"My Dad wanted one of his girls to go into some kind of medical profession. I started working one month after graduating high school at 17 and got my experience mostly working in nursing homes in the 1970's. I also went to school for medical and dental assistance."


Q: What impact has caregiving made on your life?


"I feel the pain and loneliness of my (client's) families and friends. This stays with you and helps you to see the big picture much more clearly." 


Q: What words of advice would you give to other care givers?


"Always be patient and kind. Give your clients as much as you can, and be thankful for your jobs."


September 21, 2016

Sarah Jaquez

Care Giver Consultant


We asked sarah what it means to be a care Giver. Here is what she told us;


"Being a care giver is one of the most rewarding careers! Caring for an elderly friend goes much deeper than just going to work everyday. Let's face it, we all need help at one point or another, so having that reliable, trusting, compassionate, loyal heart for someone takes a true Heart of Gold... and just like that, you've made a friend for life! That's one of the many reasons care giving to me is awesome. Another reason is watching your client's face light up with a smile the moment you walk through the door. At that point there's no doubt that you have their heart."



Sarah has been employed by Hearts of Gold Home care since April of 2012.


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